Our Sustainability Journey

We finish what nature started, so we recognise that we have an inherent responsibility to the sustainability
and future of our planet. Our practices reflect what we value and hold dear as a company and we are
committed to continuously improving our production methods to save energy, minimise waste, and reduce our environmental impact.

Continue the Journey

As a global brand, we maintain a conscious approach across our entire supply chain. Our commitment to this journey extends beyond profitability; to us, it means making a positive impact on the environment, continuous improvement and transparency. We understand that we have a role to play in nurturing a better world, and we work hard to uphold this responsibility in every aspect of our operations. Our compliance to strict quality and safety regulations, on a global scale, are a testament to this commitment.

Mindful of the importance of responsible sourcing, we carefully consider the origins of our raw materials. We diligently manage our energy consumption and closely monitor the inputs and outputs of our production processes.

In line with our sustainable ethos, our polyester fibre inserts, care labels, and polybags are all made from recycled materials. We source furniture foams from off-cuts, minimising waste in the process. Additionally, our paper labels and packaging are derived from FSC-certified wood sources, ensuring responsible forestry practices.

When it comes to fabric selection, we give preference to natural fibres such as flax linen, cotton, or wool whenever we combine them with sheepskin. This choice aligns with our philosophy of providing safe sheepskin products of the highest quality, while maintaining the lowest possible impact on the environment.


The Fibre by Auskin’s sustainability story is evolving but rooted in genuine concern for the planet. We strive for transparency and welcome you to join us on this journey as we continuously work towards being a conscious global brand. We believe in empowering you with knowledge and educating you about the benefits of natural sheepskin and fibres, including their durability, comfort and insulation properties. We want you to make informed choices that align with your values. By choosing our products, you’re not only supporting ethical and sustainable practices, but also experiencing the quality and natural beauty that nature has to offer. For us, it’s all about conscious steps forward – and we are aware that we are not yet at our destination.

Our fibres are natural, and we finish what nature started, so we strive to keep our touch as pure as possible.