Nature outsmarts synthetics with better performance

We offer a range of woolskin texture and fibre options that capture the natural characteristics of wool ‘the miracle fibre’. People around the world are coming to realise and appreciate the unique properties of natural wool. Fibre by Auskin looks to preserve these properties in their natural form.

Fibre by Auskin sheep & lambskin wool finishes provide a tactile appeal and a natural softness that cannot be matched by synthetic materials.

What we love about wool...

  • Wool is soft – wool products offer a sumptuous softness and tactile appeal.
  • Wool stays clean – wool fibres retain a natural oil that resists dirt and grease.
  • Wool resists odours – wool’s natural oils are resistant to cooking smells and household odours.
  • Wools retains its shape – wool fibres bend and recover their shape naturally, retaining their lush bounce.
  • Wool is hard to burn – wool fibre is flame retardant up to 1112º F.
  • Wool is hypoallergenic – wool doesn’t cause allergies.
  • Wool adjusts to the climate – wool is warm in cool conditions and cool in warm conditions.
  • Wool is sustainable – woolskins are the product of sustainable farming practices* and biodegrade.

*New Zealand and Australian sheep roam green pastures and graze on those pastures in the same way their wild ancestors did.

Sheepskin Long Wool

Soft fine long wool fibres with exceptional strength and durability provide a strong textural statement and a luxuriously soft touch. Sourced from sheep pastured on the lush grasslands of New Zealand and southern Australia.

Available in a variety of lengths from 1.7" to 2.7"+, Fibre by Auskin long wool sheepskin products come in a range of finishes from a more open ‘country style’ wool type, to very dense wool types typically found in our urban ranges and designer products.

Sheepskin Shorn Wool / Shearling*

Fine dense sheepskins with exceptional plushness and comfort for a sleek and refined style. Selected from the fine wool sheep flocks found in Australia and the high country runs of New Zealand.

The unique quality of shorn wool means it is suitable for a broad range of uses, from interior products, such as designer rugs, through to more industrial uses such as polishing material for the vehicle and tech industries.

*Shearling is a sheepskin or lambskin pelt that has gone through a limited shearing process to obtain a uniform depth of the wool fibres for a uniform look and feel. The term shearling refers to the pelt of a yearling sheep that has been shorn, and contrary to the popular misconception, is not a specific reference to shorn wool. Shearling material produced for garments or footwear is made by tanning the shorn pelts of a yearling sheep and shearing the wool to provide a uniform depth.

Unique Sheepskin

Unique undyed sheepskin: each with a different mix of natural colour tones, wool textures and skin sizes. Sourced from unique sheep breeds all around the world. These skins are beautiful and durable, making them perfect for a variety of uses, including clothing, decor and bespoke adornments. All of our sheepskins are ethically sourced.


Alpaca fur is a soft and luxuriously silky natural fibre. Fibre by Auskin sources an exquisite range of alpaca fur and woven products, that are hand made by artisan families coming directly from South America.

Alpacas are pasture raised in their natural habitat high in the Andes. They have to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, therefore their fibres are extremely fine, soft, strong and naturally water repellent. The unique fibre structure results in products that are light weight, warm and beautifully soft to touch.

Sheepskin Curly Wool

Curly wool fibres that hold their natural staple: as close to nature as a sheepskin can get. Sourced from New Zealand strong-wool sheep breeds.

Fibre by Auskin curly wool products celebrate and preserve the unique characteristics of wool in its most natural curly state. Curly wool finishes and textures are offered in a range of wool lengths from a ‘short & curly’ 0.3" to a ‘long & shaggy’ 2.7"+.